All that we ask of participants is that they join us in following a few common sense guidelines designed to ensure that everyone has a fun and safe hike.

  1. Know your physical capabilities.  Hiking on mountain trails that may have a lot of rocks and tree roots is not the same as walking in a subdivision or on a track.  Footing is sometimes difficult and ascents and descents may be steep.
  2. ​Wear hiking boots that are well broken in.  They should have heavy tread and good ankle support.  Wear socks that absorb moisture.  A name tag is desirable so that we learn your name faster.  Carry a day pack or a fanny back for accessory items.
  3. Dress in layers so you add or subtract as needed.
  4. Bring rain gear, a trail lunch or snack, adequate liquids (at least 1 quart), insect repellent, and medication if allergic to insect bites. You should also carry a signal whistle.  A hiking stick is another option that you might want to consider.
  5. Bring an aluminized/mylar hypothermic emergency blanket.
  6. Have information on you regarding who should be contacted, and how, in case of emergency.  If you have specific medical needs, such as allergies, medications or conditions that might affect your treatment in case of emergency, bring a medical form with you on the hikes.
  7. At the start of the hike, read and sign the attendance and disclaimer record.
  8. On the trail, keep between the leader and the sweep.  Keep the person in front of you in sight at all times.  If they get out of sight, whistle once to signal the group to wait for you.  If you have a serious problem, blow your whistle three times.
  9. Pack out what you pack in.
  10. Reimburse the club or individual for any medical or other supplies that you use.
  11. Bring a change of shoes for the car after the hike so that you don't bring mud into the car.
  12. Be considerate of others and HAVE FUN.

High Country Hikers

Welcome to the High Country Hikers web site.  One of the advantage of being in Western North Carolina is being able to experience the marvelous hiking in the area.  Another is socializing with the fascinating people who live and visit here.  Our club attempts to to capitalize on both of those things by scheduling organized group hikes near Hendersonville, NC.  Weather permitting, we hike twice a week on Monday and Thursday.  Hikes vary from easy 4 or 5 mile events to strenuous 12 to 13 mile treks.  Most days, two different levels of hikes are offered, one being an easy or moderate hike and the other being either a moderate or strenuous hike.